New Guidelines for Recycling:

Single Sort!  All recyclables will be combined in one recycling container!

Corinna Township provides residence curbside pickup service every other Friday. 

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  • Cans -All aluminum and tin cans, including the lids.  All cans must be rinsed and labels on tin cans removed.
  • Glass – All glass food and beverage containers (all colors).  All glass containers must be rinsed and lids or covers should be removed.  Labels may be left on jars.
  • Unacceptable glass items – Broken glass, light bulbs, windows, dishes, drinking glasses and lids.
  • Plastic – Plastic containers and lids (#1 through #7) accepted.  All plastic containers must be rinsed thoroughly and caps removed.  Labels may be left on.
  • Unacceptable plastic items – Toys and automotive fluid containers.
  • Paper -All newspapers (including the inserts), magazines, phone books, junk mail, office paper, or school flyers.  Make certain it is kept clean and dry.
  • Cardboard -All cardboard must be broken down flat and bundled.  This includes cereal boxes, flattened and plastic bag removed, cracker boxes, or shoe boxes.
  • ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: Egg cartons, ceramic or porcelain, food-soiled paper, pizza boxes, plastic bags, plastic hangers, mirror or plate glass, motor oil jugs, metal car parts, motor oil jugs, Styrofoam, window glass.


Questions:  You may contact Randy’s Sanitation and Recycling at 763-972-3335.

If you own a non-homesteaded property and wish to be included in our recycling service, please call the Corinna Town Hall at 320-274-8049.

The cost of this service is being paid through Township General  Funds.
HAZARDOUS WASTE: NO PAINT, NO ADHESIVES, NO FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS:  To dispose of these items year-round, please call the Wright County Compost and Recycling Facility (505 County Road 37 NE, Buffalo).  They accept household hazardous wastes by appointment only.  Please call (763) 682-7338.

For more information, please click Here for the Wright County website link.