Mark Miller, Corinna Township Maintenance Man.

Corinna Township Provides These Maintenance Services:

  • Brush Removal: Brush and overhanging tree limb removal is the responsibility of the property owner along dedicated roads.  When roads become overgrown, plows and graders have difficulty getting through.  If you need help, the Township can do the trimming at a reduced charge.
  • 911 Signs: The maintenance men place the posts and 911 signs (address signs).  Please report missing or damaged 911 signs or street signs to the Clerk or maintenance men.  The signs will be replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Swing Away Mailbox Supports: The mailbox supports are available for $42, including tax.  Contact the Clerk.
  • Gravel for Dedicated Roads: Gravel is available for $3/yd delivered and spread for all dedicated roads.  Contact the maintenance men for an estimate of the amount needed for your road.  One person will be billed and this person will need to collect from the other property owners.
  • Driveway Culverts: When a new home or a second driveway needs a culvert, the Township maintenance men will order the correct size culvert.
  • Snowplowing and Grading: The Township maintenance men provide a high level of service grading, snowplowing and maintaining the roads.  They also mow the ditches, open culverts, keep the roads clear, patch the potholes, add gravel to the roads and shoulders, and more. Snowplowing will generally be done when there is an accumulation of two inches or more.  Plowing and sanding are scheduled to keep roads in the best travel condition during heavy use periods.
    Do not push snow onto roads!
    Do not park cars, trucks or other vehicles on the road right of way!
    The removal of snow is one of the most important jobs confronting our maintenance crew during the winter season.  Safety for the motorists and accessibility of the roads are the primary considerations of our maintenance crew.
    Only mailboxes and fences properly located and installed, that are damaged by actual contact with township equipment, will be repaired at township expense.
    Depositing snow onto or across a public road is illegal and punishable under Minnesota Statute 160.27. Placing snow onto a public road may create a road hazard…such as a slippery area, a frozen rut or a bump…and can cause a traffic accident.  Liability for this can extend to both the property owner and the person who actually placed the snow onto the roadway.

You Can Help: Provide off-road parking for all of your vehicles and trailers, and inform the Township of especially bad road problems.
Posting of Roads: During the Spring break-up, all Township gravel roads have a 5-ton load limit and paved roads have a 7-ton limit unless otherwise posted.  This goes into effect when the County posts their roads.