Compost Facility: The compost bin is constructed completely of concrete panels.  The large structure allows the turning over of the material to facilitate the composting process.  Residents may dispose of grass clippings and leaves.  Please remove the plastic bags after dumping.
Do not put glass, plastic, wood, rocks or metal into this bin.

Brush Pile: Residents may haul brush and tree trimmings to the brush burn pile.   The compost, the wood chips and the firewood at the burn pile are there for the residents to take. No commercial dumping, please.


The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has notified Corinna Township that we may NOT allow dumping of ash tree material in our brush pile on the Corinna Township Hall property.  This is to help slow the spread of Emerald Ash Borer. Thank you for your cooperation!

Black dirt, rock, sand and gravel has been purchased for Township projects. Residents are not to remove this material for private use!